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Technology & Equipment, Fertilizers – Austria

Agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
Comprehensive separation solution
Demand for global population growth while meeting stringent environmental regulations is becoming ever heavier. To meet these challenges, most leading agricultural and fertilizer manufacturers in the world rely on ANDRITZ SEPARATION to ensure reliable and efficient operation time during mechanical and thermal separation. 

Proven reliability and expertise
Every day, ANDRITZ SEPARATION devices ensure the highest levels of safety and control for customers such as BASF, Bayer and Syngenta. In agrochemicals, many people have relied on the largest batch machines of the industry, developed by ANDRITZ SEPARATION to achieve the highest yields with the lowest total cost of ownership.
For urea, potash and ammonium sulfate, our world-wide one-way dryers will help achieve the optimum moisture content with the maximum possible productivity, and screen bowl filters, centrifuges and Vacuum filters are the key to reliable operation.
Production is high
In the world of phosphoric acid, the amount of production can be astounding. And because our tilting pan filter generates more than 80% of the amount of phosphoric acid in the United States, we know exactly how accurate your savings can be. Energy efficiency is always an important factor, and downtime is unacceptable.
The flood washing capabilities of our mill are designed to ensure maximum utilization of P2O5 dissolved in water with the lowest operating costs possible. Even smaller plants can achieve remarkable efficiency with our horizontal filter. Thanks to the close cooperation with the world's largest producers, ANDRITZ SEPARATION ensures the most profitable and sustainable separation processes.

Main process steps
Creation / solidification
Restore tissue

Main applications
Ammonium sulfate
Phosphoric acid
Potassium chloride
Potassium nitrate
And many others

Metris addIQ control system
Intelligent to control machinery and process
Is your business as good as possible? Even with the best equipment, there is always room for improvement in productivity, productivity, and profitability. Metris addIQ control system provides all three.
Add value to the Metris addIQ control system
Enhance usability and reduce production costs
Improves overall device efficiency and reduces the risk of operational errors
Analyze and optimize processes with data collection
Global Automation Expert Network provides local service
Scalability of solutions
Transparency is achieved through access to the application on the device

New device packs and optimizations
The family of addIQ packages allows every business to isolate it to optimize its performance - whether you have a large urban wastewater treatment plant or your own home manufacturing plant. Choose the features that meet your separation challenge.
Each package has its own specific information that is directly connected to the type of machine it is used for.
Metris: Industrial IoT solutions
Internet of Things is with us
Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Things (IIoT) terms or Industry 4.0. And the Smart Factory is everywhere, not just in the industrial environment. The company's expectations for greater plant efficiency and increased profitability by connecting machines and adopting technologies such as Intelligent Sensors and Large Data Priorities are high.
As IIoT will be a major topic in the future to maintain and enhance its competitiveness, ANDRITZ has combined Interneto-innovative IoT solutions, proven in many reference factories. Immediately under the trademark "Metris - IoT Industrial Solutions".
Metris technology is the latest in the field of IIoT (Industrial Internet) or Industry 4.0 and can be tailored to the needs of each customer.
The Metris brand is a combination of metis - in Greek mythology, which stands for complex, practical, complex numerical data, that is, the arrangement of numerical data to control and regulate machinery.

ANDRITZ offers a range of intelligent digital solutions that provide significant customer support in achieving company goals and objectives, based on long-term and long-term experience with the role As a provider of technologies and systems for various industries.
Improve plant efficiency and profitability
Optimize the use of resources
Continuous and highest quality product
Avoid product downtime
Maximum user-friendliness, such as easy control via smartphone or tablet
Our products
The right solution for every separation challenge
With a list of the world's most distinctive technologies and services, ANDRITZ SEPARATION is well positioned to provide the right solution for any type of mechanical or thermal separation challenge. It all starts with your specific process requirements and ends with a system that gives you the best results - day in and day out, for decades to come.


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