Oil refinery plant, technology - Sweden

Oil refinery plant, technology - Sweden.
Equipment supply and technology transfer.

Operate safely, reliably and efficiently
As the leading supplier for the oil and gas industry, ABB provides the systems, solutions nd services needed to operate downstream refineries and refineries safely, efficiently and profitably. .

A modern refinery can process several hundred thousand barrels of crude oil per day and must operate continuously for months and years. This is done using the leading automation and electrical systems that operate thousands of separate items to complete the chemical process; Separation of hydrocarbon molecules into fuels, lubricants or materials to continue petrochemical techniques.
ABB has more than 30 years of experience in providing control, control and safety systems that make all this possible and leading experts operate and optimize the process. Our goal is to make oil refineries safer, safer and more reliable, and our data show that ABB's 20% cut in capital costs and operating costs up to 9%
Despite the fact that petrochemicals are a complex industry with many products and manufacturing processes, the purpose of a safe operation, maximizing profitability and efficiency, is actually the same purpose. The general solution is to use the best technology in the best way, and this is also the goal of ABB.
ABB supports the industry with solutions from field devices through integrated safety and control systems (ICSS), electrical and telecommunication systems, whether it is advanced process control, modern or life-cycle support.

ABB is a truly global organization with global resources. With a strong focus on health, safety, security and the environment, we strive to provide industry-leading technology and services that have a positive impact on the world in which we live. With important application knowledge developed over the years we can improve your productivity and reduce the environmental impact.
Risk management
ABB provides a broad portfolio of products and services for heavy lil / refinery conversion and downstream direct-related processes or through technical contractors. In many cases, ABB will act as the main contractor (MAC) or the main contractor (MEC), responsible for integrating the integrated solution to reduce customer risk, project delivery time and Optimize system performance benefits.

Increase profits on capital
ABB's services and products enhance your project from the very first concept to the downtime. We operate locally while still supporting ABB resources around the globe. Cooperation with ABB provides world-class expertise and continuity. As the project develops from stage to stage, we can capture lost profit opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked.
ABB's technology provides energy, automation and safety solutions that integrate seamlessly with openness to business systems. We provide a single system solution that provides integrated automation safety, power, power management and telecommunication aspects that also support all major fieldbus technologies.
Environmental and energy efficiency
ABB's refined customers are responsible for the environment in a challenging industry. When they seek to develop and market their products, they must avoid degrading the environment and creating pollution through their actions. The implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and the start of carbon trading in the European Union in 2005 are also setting new parameters: carbon emissions now have financial value.
ABB's products, systems and solutions are designed to have the lowest environmental impact. ABB's services can help customers use these third-party services to be more environmentally responsible and also improve their financial performance through lower emissions.
As one of the world's leading engineering companies, ABB helps its customers use electricity efficiently and increase industrial productivity in a sustainable way. ABB has an unmatched range of technology, expertise and solutions in a portfolio that has been deployed in the process industries, supporting energy efficiency in power systems.

Health, safety and security
Continuous pressure to reduce costs and improve profitability is balanced by corporate social responsibility to protect people, property, the environment and the surrounding community from harm.
ABB provides safe services that can identify hazardous conditions and provide a risk reduction strategy and a well-defined plan for improved safety. ABB's safety services include project management, consultancy and implementation, extending life cycle of assets and safety. ABB's secure and processing applications can be implemented in the same system environment and even the same controller. This provides instantaneous interoperability between applications, preserving the integrity of secure applications. This architecture eliminates the duality of system operation and the costs associated with their lifecycle and leads to the optimization of buildings, training, operation, maintenance and spare parts.
ABB has more than 30 years of experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of programmable, programmable, certified safety systems for the refining industry. ABB provides easy safety solutions that extend from a few rounds to complete safety systems.

Security is enhanced when security applications and processes are implemented in the same controller. Composite systems can freely exchange signals and data without external complexity such as hardware interfaces, software and data mirroring. Reduces the complexity of providing less seam and penetration points. ABB provides additional security integrity through the use of embedded firewalls and extensive diagnostics to eliminate common errors caused in control and safety systems.
Reduce costs and risks
- Using ABB as MAC / MEC reduces CAPEX costs by 20%
- ABB's advanced process control reduces OPEX costs by
3 percent to 9 percent
- Improvement of ABB3 Factory's Total Reliability with 1 on investment
- Automation of process control and power management / energy management (PMS) systems reduce power consumption by up to 10% - ARC
- Operator Extension (EOW) provides a handy HMI for process, plant and automation assets, electrical and telecommunication aspects, thus improving productivity.

- The implementation and training services are certified by TÜV in the safety management function easily approve regulations
Safety, risk management, performance excellence and sustainability are important for ABB and its customers. Product catalog and technical expertise of ABB
Can reduce risk, reduce costs and help you maintain competitive advantage.
ABB is a supplier of equipment, analytical equipment, automation, electrical and safety systems for refineries from bridge management through process units, oil transportation and storage, and blending. distribution. ABB can adjust the scope of delivery to meet your requirements. In some cases you may choose to use ABB's consulting services to supplement your staff. You can also choose ABB as the automation / electrical provider (MAC / MEC). ABB has extensive experience in the role of MAC / MEC for global projects and
can assume overall responsibility for automation management and design, selection, production, installation, commissioning and post-operation support. By designating ABB as MAC / MEC early on in an ABB project defines technical requirements, optimizes scope definition and thus reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs.
Where multiple contractors (EPCs) provide different process units, ABB will implement the interface management function to ensure a suitable and compatible solution. This eliminates the need of the client or project management contractor to coordinate and transfer this information between various parties.
To help refineries gain competitive advantage, ABB now offers extensive automation. This combines, in a fully integrated backup, safety management, process and power control platform, and asset management to provide all your plant staff with up-to-date information. respect the role of their work.
Combined with a full range of life cycle services and development policies, our integrated solutions and consulting services improve your capital return - making ABB an ideal partner. Throughout the life of your refinery to optimize your property.

As a global leader in automation and energy technology with global technical capabilities and a range of products and services, ABB meets the unique requirements of the processing industry. By relating to ABB in conceptual and project phases, we can help you identify the best solutions in the classroom, leverage the use of newer technologies and components. reusable.
We recognize that automation systems are critical to the long-term viability of your company and therefore support the use of framework agreements to cover the scope of product offerings and services. related matters. They may include multiple websites and form the basis for an enterprise alliance agreement.
We provide multiscope projects with the goal of achieving your goal to reduce total installation cost and total cost of ownership. On EPC-participating refineries, ABB works with end users to create a Common Function Design (CFDS) specification to provide ABB and non-ABB scope to provide spectrum. Reduce risk and cost by re-using proven solutions.
Throughout the life cycle of your facility, we have a good position to support your requirements change, you are flexible to fit your needs with our capabilities, from regular maintenance and Remote monitoring to performance services.
ABB's professional project management, global presence and strict adherence to international standards ensure timely, high quality delivery throughout the project phases, from concept to operation. - with focus on health, safety, security and the environment.
We carry out projects around the globe, with local content and support to ensure knowledge transfer. The combination of global implementation and local participation increases productivity even in the farthest reaches.
ABB contributes to sustainable improvements throughout the life of the project by bringing its expertise to the integrated engineering team, including extensive industry experience and extensive product and system integration knowledge.
Our focus on migration path systems allows us to upgrade existing installations for modern solutions without stopping production. ABB has specific products and services and services to upgrade and reduce existing systems, such as ABB or ABB.
ABB Analytical Services, Advanced Process Control Services, Total Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Inference Modeling tools, solutions to increase revenue and reduce costs. work.
After installation, ABB engineers will assist you in optimizing the process, using the best assets, maintaining the safety level of SIL and the regular service of ABB and non-ABB equipment.
Risk management
- ABB manages large projects efficiently - we provide large-scale capabilities in terms of management, engineering, documentation, inspection and logistics handling.
many disciplinary packages.
- ABB's consulting and technical services have decades of experience in automated, safe processes, systems to reduce costs and maintain regulatory compliance.
- Use ABB and third-party inspected products, along with control libraries, reduce risks, eliminate project delays, and improve operator capabilities.
As a MAC / MEC, ABB is responsible for linking third-party and third-party devices, reducing the risk during pre-operation.

Scope of supply
- Process control system
- Security system
- Analysis and analysis of analytical technology
- Measuring equipment
- Advanced process control and optimization solutions
- Terminal Management
- Transportation of oils and blends
- Information management system
- Intellectual production
- PLC / compact control product
- Fieldbus and wireless technology
- The training system of the operator
- Dynamic simulation
- Property management solution
- Network security
Application 1
ABB, an advanced process control provider, offers worldwide a suite of products and latest technology solutions to optimize the performance and maximize profitability of refineries. For ABB's Far East refinery, ABB forecasting and control, state-of-the-art variable state controllers, combined with ABB's inference model platform, have been used to tightly control the units. process. This led to a 3% to 9% increase in profit.
Application 2
ABB makes MAC the sole responsibility for the installation and operation of a complete gasoline blending system for a European refinery. The range includes FTNIR analyzers, analytical models, offline and online optimizations, instruments, valves, mixing heads, composite samples, prototype fuel tanks, Earnings are several million dollars a year back.
Application 3
ABB's Fourier Transformer Infrared Analyzer (FTIR) for the operation of the alkyl filtration unit (hydrofluoric acid), developed together with ConocoPhillips, helps refineries operate efficient alkyl alkyl devices more and safer, contributing significantly to risk reduction and operations.

Today, the ABB 800xA Automated Extension System is the leading automation system in the process industry, going beyond the features offered by other programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or Distributed Control Systems (DCS).
The 800xA system includes asset management and TÜV certification (SIS), MES reporting, full testing facilities to track operator activity and change and OEE computing tools to assist. Analyzes the root cause of production performance. The system supports all five IEC61131 programming languages, Fieldbus compliant fieldbus and HART field devices. A comprehensive report on production, traceability and compliance reports has been made available to the user by having integrated information management facilities.
The integrated power range uses the IEC61850 and Profinet protocols to reduce the risk of startup and improve operating and asset management costs.
As the principal process analysis contractor (MPAC)
ABB provides analytical solutions from design techniques and specifications at the feed stage through the provision of complete analytical systems including sampling systems, analyzers, housing and software. analysis / modeling. Have
The broadest analytical machine, ABB provides better visibility and quality control.
To enhance our automation capabilities, ABB has developed a wide range of instrumentation control libraries and specific industry-specific controls for controlling plant equipment and supplies. High visibility.
Process process control and inference modeling from process specialists can be applied as part of a new or later system installation when production has been established and the constraints have been determined in existing assets.
ABB, with its Industrial Defender partner, can provide expanded cyber-security systems from the automation process through its corporate IT infrastructure.
Asset Information - Operational Benefit
- Complete measuring equipment, automation and electricity to meet the needs of the processing industry - we produce and install safe, reliable and safe solutions.
- Asset information is effectively organized. - System 800xA technology collects, analyzes and aggregates automation and asset information. Built-in asset management solutions are not added as an option.
- Improve profitability - we provide decision management support, process and measurement / automation expertise.
- The 800xA system provides flexibility for device management with a library of field devices, supports multiple fieldbuses with inherent device diagnostics.
- Integrated automation, electrical and telecommunication environment.

Scope of supply
- LV / MV / HV power supply system
- Combined thermal power plant
- Power Distribution System
- energy management system
- Electric control system
- Electric motorcycles
- Variable speed drives
Application 1
To reduce the risk and improve project implementation, the polymer maker chose ABB as their main contractor for their chlorine production plant. Supply includes electrical equipment - 90 MVA transformer, 132kV / 22kV switchgear, 50 MVA filter, 132kV switchgear, 6kV switchgear, electrical and electronic protection and control system. Infrastructure includes cable, installation, piping, mechanical and civil repairs. With responsibility for design, analysis, engineering, procurement, project management, installation and operation of the complete system, ABB has completed the project two months ahead of schedule.
Application 2
For a large complex, ABB provides complete control systems for their combined power plants including power and steam loads. This allows the plant to manage their energy use efficiently across the entire area, and avoid shutdowns.
Application 3
Customers want to reduce fuel consumption and pollution. ABB has developed a Power Management System (PMS) to optimize power generation and distribution. The PMS power distribution system provides optimized production based on available power. To ensure environmental friendliness, advanced energy management, ABB has been involved from feed to operation.

ABB is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical engineering products and systems. Our high-voltage, medium voltage and high-voltage products meet the standards of the refining industry.
ABB has taken the lead in developing electrical engineering solutions in line with new requirements for energy efficiency, control and safety. With high reliability and performance, our electrical products are suitable for all plant applications. By using the standard communications protocols of the IT industry, ABB reduces the risk, project implementation time and delays in deployment, thereby improving time to market and Quantity.
Historically, electric control systems, energy management systems and load systems have been separately processed. Automated System Extensions The 800xA System combines these three functions into a single integrated system with significant cost savings and operational benefits.
Customers use ABB for their power range requirements, which will improve system performance and save significant costs. ABB is recognized as a leading supplier of AC motors, DC motors and variable speed transmitters.
For large projects with wide ranges, and as
As a member of the integrated engineering team, ABB can optimize workflows, resources and costs to fit the main work schedule.
Improved quality, reduced power demand, improved electrical protection, efficient integration and support for multi-purpose projects - ABB's involvement in your project means lower risk, schedule the project is tighter and the capital improvement is used.
High efficiency - high reward
- Complete integrated power project solutions - ABB manufactures, engineers and installs reliable, secure and secure solutions.
Certified, advanced building blocks, operational reliability and open link connectivity, are provided for automation and integration with ABB and third party devices.
- Increased power efficiency - allows cost savings and health, safety, security and environmental benefits.
- The recognized benefits of an automation device and power solution.
- Reduces engine errors up to 40 percent - ARC
Scope of supply
- Project design concept
- feed support
- Create user specification requirements
- Safety assessment
- Process and alarm philosophy
- Management of abnormal situation
- Inspection services
- Management integrity
- Life of factory planning
Application 1
At an ethylene plant, ABB engineers have implemented advanced oven control and process control integration with online analytical machines to increase their profitability by 7%. The success of the project requires an understanding of
Customer specific processes, their operational strategies and management strategies. Understanding of the process has led to a knowledge of the real constraints and real bottlenecks and requirements of the APC application to push the plant to real difficulties.
Application 2
ABB's reliability services have implemented a multi-page improvement process for 18 months, focusing on management leadership, successful measures / success plans, risk-based planning, Operational and maintenance relationships, root fault analysis, enhancement of operations, and preventive maintenance. By adopting ABB's recommendations, the company has enjoyed an annual savings of nearly $ 1 million at reasonable costs and increased production to nearly $ 3 million.
Operation costs are lowered when ABB participates from the start of the project. We are committed to finding solutions that meet your technical requirements, financial goals and production goals. Your risk will decrease as you utilize ABB's expertise and expertise in many areas.
Right from the start of a project, we have fully developed technical skills, project management and design. By combining our knowledge of our industry practices, this greatly contributes to helping you identify the scope that suits your needs.
Our process safety skills are valid in the operating environment or project. These skills are reinforced by the range of services and solutions ranging from the installation of safety systems fitted to IEC 61508/11, to the leadership of hazard studies. Our comprehensive comprehensive safety management system provides end-to-end security solutions through TÜV-certified products, engineers and project implementation processes. Our experience in the processing industry leads to appropriate, cost-effective and practical solutions to improve safety and meet regulatory requirements. ABB also provides training on functional safety management (FSM) to help you meet regulatory requirements.
In operation, the System 800xA control system with object / object technology allows storage and direct access to a wide range of information such as operating instructions and specific maintenance instructions. In addition to the built-in asset management software, associated computerized maintenance management systems can reduce 40% of unwanted delays or shutdowns and reduce 63% of maintenance labor in the process. stop working as planned.
We help operators operate the plant in compliance with the laws and expectations of stakeholders regarding the integrity of the property. Our industry is recognized as an expert in integrity management that provides an independent view of asset integrity and supporting management systems and practices.

We assure correcting, modifying, reducing efficiency and efficiency in existing systems, having a specific technical resource for changing the temperature of ABB and non-ABB systems. Online support and upgrades for multi-threaded plants and fully shutdown processes are also supported by the 800xA system.
Excellent performance is achieved when continuous improvement strategies are combined with real-time feedback and analysis tools to maximize production and reduce operating costs. ABB's services, which are used throughout the operation phase, provide excellence in operation. ABB can inspect your plant and advise you on potential improvements to increase production rates and reduce quality variability.
Timely and reliable production information is important for analyzing and improving productivity. ABB's production information system provides an open architecture for collecting data from ABB and third-party systems and provides customized reports.
Integrated solutions provide asset management of refineries and downstream processes, optimized by advanced process control and the use of ABB's expertise and consulting services. reduce OPEX. Operational benefits are also enhanced through the use of targeted training and the use of appropriate training simulations.

ABB's reliability services provide solutions for improving safety, compliance and profitability. World-class reliability (WCR®) is a product of 40 years of development. The benchmarking process identifies best practices and compares the performance of an organization to other companies and industries. Qualitative and quantitative analysis was conducted both in terms of reliability and maintenance practices, leading to:
- Determine the implementation gap in the nine criteria of the WCR
- Develop strategic and tactical plans to bridge the gap
- Create a business case that demonstrates the financial impact of addressing areas of opportunity
After WCR, Total Plant Reliability® is addressed through a multi-stage improvement program. This includes enhancing the field staff's focus, asset management, maintenance and balancing. TPR provides a way to improve the reliability that can easily lead to 3 to 1 investment.
- Advanced discipline and discipline give us the power to improve your ability to recover assets.
- Our multiscope multisector solutions increase productivity and product quality with reduced operating costs.
- Support for ABB services and third-party devices.
- System tools to determine the output and root

Cause Analysis.
- Training includes aspects of information technology such as security.
ABB has processes, processes and tools that are standardized in our global service network so you always receive consistent service and quality - whenever and wherever.
ABB provides specialized performance improvement services, such as OEE, designed to enhance the performance of the process. To ensure optimum equipment efficiency, ABB's OEE analysis can be supplemented by an implementation plan and implementation services. Effective improvement services include only one of the service areas provided.
On the website, ABB's services range from installation support to full project management. Adding ABB support and remote services allows you to minimize operating costs and increase productivity and sales.
ABB's local and global service organization adjusts the scope of post-installation support to meet customer needs from on-demand support provided through comprehensive health care contracts, ABB maintains automation and electrical assets.
For older oil refineries, ABB provides additional transportation and analysis tools. Our professional migration strategies and performance results allow for a low level of OEE improvement. As a leading provider of processing industries, ABB provides enhanced programs and software maintenance programs to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, including cutting-edge expertise.
ABB's well-trained staff can increase production and uptime. ABB offers a variety of training programs including, product, operation, safety culture and safety assessment. The courses can be held onsite, at ABB facilities or electronically through our eLearning products.
When users want to outsource their maintenance needs, ABB FullService will provide asset management and maintenance of installed automation, power and telephone devices including provision of manpower in normal operation and expected
shutdown request.
ABB's future direction is always affected by the needs and challenges of its customers. Increased information flow and stringent environmental requirements will undoubtedly affect our future development in the refining and downstream industries.
The development of data source devices will create new challenges in areas such as alarm systems and operating interfaces. A major challenge with data source devices is to avoid "data overflow" while leveraging information flow to increase automation, optimization, remote control, remote support and diagnostics. . ABB will continue to be the leading provider of automation, power distribution and analysis and set standards for integrated operations.
Such developments include the use of wireless and Ethernet technologies, process analysis (PAT) technology, and the use of ABB's extended operating base to provide better integrated display capabilities. whole plant and increase productivity.
As the needs of the refining and downstream industries grow, ABB will meet these challenges with products that can be expanded using conventional building blocks and standard software library solutions.
ABB employs hundreds of engineers and scientists in its research laboratories and collaborates with 50 universities.
As a leading technology provider, ABB is actively participating in industry forums to contribute and monitor trends in industry, markets and technology. This, together with direct feedback from our customers and our consultants, has shaped our development of new products and solutions for the downstream and downstream industries. .

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