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Instant Tea Production Line
Business line: Production line
Instant IBU instant tea (instant black tea production line) is of high quality. Extraction with three or four tanks at a critical level will give the solids a solid content of about 6-12%.
YIBU instant tea production line (instant black tea production line) is of high quality.
Extracted with three or four extraction tanks in severe will result in a solution with a solid content of about 6-12%. This solution contains some fibers inside. After that, separating the disk will separate the fibers.
If you request tea to dissolve in cold water, the dish separator also separates most tea oil. Depending on customer requirements; It can be a split disk for dual application (two-stage and three-phase separation) or two separate disk splitters.
The extracted solution is then concentrated by evaporation. The solids content after evaporation is usually about 30-45% (depending on the type of tea).
Tea is then dried into tea powder with a spray dryer. The pressure spray dryer will give larger seeds, and the tea will dissolve immediately.
If the required product size is larger, such as 1 or 2 mm, a crushed granulator is available upon request.

Description of plants
I. Tank extraction
Our quotes are widely applied to pharmaceuticals, healthy food, fast food, and chemical industries. Our special design offers high work efficiency, and convenient operation. WIP (laundry spot) parts available upon request.
With multiple units of extraction tanks in series, we can have a semi-continuous separation process, and extract most of the ingredients from the raw material.
Some special teas require special design to retain the aroma. We have designed to extract the fragrance and separate it to continue the process.

Ⅱ. Disc Separator
is a type of purification device used in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, pigment, food, oil, petrochemical, and dairy industries for the separation of "liquid - liquid and solid - liquid" at different rates.
There is very little fiber or ash in the extract. To ensure the final product can be 100% solved, we recommend using a disk separator to remove impurities.
To make tea soluble in cold water, we should also extract tea oil. It can be a separator for separating oil and insoluble impurities, or two separators. Some customers also need to refine the tea oil.
Ⅲ. Centralized machine
We often show that evaporators reduce the extra influence to concentrate extraction before the spray dryer. It saves energy by using continuous steam. Heat condensation can also be restored, if the steam from the front effect is compressed to higher pressure. The slightly saturated temperature corresponds to the higher pressure and the vapor can be reused for heating. Steam compressors are used according to this principle.
Air compressors operate at very high speeds and have no moving parts. Simple structure and reliable operation.
Any influence of the evaporator falls on the distribution system. The liquid flows downward in each homogeneous tube, forming a thin, cylindrical liquid layer, slightly downward.
The concentrate is separated from steam in two steps, the first being under the end by gravity, and the second is a high efficiency cyclon separator. The clean steam is used to heat up the next effect, or condensate (the last effect).
There are also frozen concentrates. But the consumption of flour is very high, so the application is not wide.

Ⅳ. Drying machine
For good solubility, we usually recommend pressure sprayers for this application.
Concentrated solution should be placed in the drying tower with a high pressure homogenizer, then sprayed into a fine particle. Filtration and melting of air into the drying tower through the hot air distributors, and will dry the liquid particles very quickly. Dry products will be collected at the bottom of the spray dryer, and fines are collected in the tornado.
Our special design will ensure product quality and reduce energy consumption.
Ⅴ. Heat recovery system
Tea brew leaves can be used as a fuel for the system. But the tea leaves are initially wet, not easily burned. So, we pressed the first tea leaves, and then take advantage of the hot air from the drying tower and the heat of the flue gas to dry the tea leaves before putting them in a hot oven or boiler.

Ⅵ. Other parts
For the plant to operate smoothly, we will also configure some sedimentation tanks, cisterns and other tanks for the system.
WIP systems (on-site laundry) are available upon request.
ⅥI. Liquid Particle Mixer
When larger particle sizes are required, we suggest that liquid particle separators produce particles of 1 to 2 mm in size.
In granulating machines, fine tea powder is loaded into the product container and is heated by hot air and filtered. Liquid tea extracts or any other flavors are sprayed onto chemical energy for seed production.

Friendly reminder
1. This type of factory is based on custom design. Not all features are offered with all designs. Actual configurations should be made in accordance with the signed contract or agreement.
2. Materials for machine production can be AISI304, 316L and so on. It depends on the requirements of the customer.
3.For heating methods, it can be steam, electricity, gas furnace and so on.
4. For control system, we can design simple button, and PLC + HMI is also available for customer, we can design control system as required.


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