Kali Sulphate Production Plant - China

Kali Sulphate Production Plant - China
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The above mentioned plant for potassium sulphate is produced from the pure potassium KCL and the H2SO4 reaction of H2SO4 in the Mannheim furnace. Main products Potassium sulfate, its byproduct is hydrochloric acid.
Capacity: 10.000.000 ~ 100,000.00tons per year

Our features
1. Our Mannheim kiln produces 20% more potassium sulphate than its competitors in the industry. The products come out with a lower cost while still at a high quality standard.
2. Our acid-hydrochloric acid products have a higher recycling rate, higher quality and can meet food grade standards.
3. Our processes are very environmentally friendly. This process can be done without dust and odor, and exhaust emissions sufficiently meet environmental standards.
4. According to local realities, we can recycle the energy of smokeless gas to save energy and reduce emissions.
5. We have a very experienced production team, can guarantee the start, the production trail for a while succeeded to make the standard products, also guarantee our customers. to learn the rational operation of the factory and gain experience.


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