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Rubber extrusion is the core specialization of Colmec; the product line of the company includes a wide range of extruders often fitted to gear pumps that increase or improve performance.
The company supplies complete lines for the production of profiles for the building and automotive fields, high and low pressure industrial hoses, fuel hoses, radiator and TCI (Turbo Charger Intercooler) hoses, air conditioning, power steering and brake hoses, roll covering equipment and pre-formers for compression molding.
COLMEC has developed a dedicated line of silicone processing equipment which includes, in addition to the traditional extrusion and curing lines, innovative PATENTED CTM twin screw mixers that are quickly becoming the state of the art technique in the industry.
In order to satisfy our customer's technical requests which become ever more demanding, COLMEC offers compound straining systems, for production rates up to 11,000 lbs/hr, both with cold off line process or hot in line processes with the ability to make strips or pellets.

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