Instant Coffee Powder Production Line - China.

Instant Coffee Powder Production Line - China.
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Instant coffee powder production line
Business line: Production line
DESCRIPTION The purpose of this instant coffee powder production line (soluble coffee machine / machine / equipment / chain) is to make the coffee beans become soluble in the roasting process. ...

The purpose of this instant coffee powder production line is to process coffee beans into instant coffee powder through roasting, grinding, centrifuging, spraying, and so on.

Features, characteristics
Instant Coffee Production Line (instant coffee processing machine / machine / equipment / line) is designed for maximum finish. The design and easy operation of this plant is enhanced with smooth operation and trouble. Now, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and enhance your enjoyment by preparing a coffee maker. YIBU provides a total turnkey plant that performs complete processes ranging from preprocessing pre-packaged to producing instant coffee powder.

The production process has the following steps
The coffee beans are routed to the Roots container after sorting and passing through the vibrator.
②Coffee from the crate is weighed and after
That goes into the kiln to become the coffee beans.
③ Roasted coffee beans are placed in a container of cooked material through a vented screen.
After rupturing and weighing, ripe coffee beans are brought to the extractor for extraction.
⑤ Extraction fluid is transferred to the extractor through filtration and cooling.
⑥To centrally centrifuge centrifuges twice and then pour them into a storage tank.
⑦To add assistant materials to create appropriate material when the liquid concentrates into the pot suitable for the material.
After filtration, the concentrate solution is injected into a spray dryer with a piston pump (if you want to process the particulate, it can use a liquid granulator).
⑨ After combining materials, to make the inner packaging for dry strength. (For example, packed in small bags or bottles), then, to pack small bags or bottles in cartons and then to store them in stock.

Whole system The whole production is divided into three manufacturers: one is the pre-processed product, the other is the process of extracting and drying, the other is the package.

1. Processing procedures
         Coffee raw materials Arrange the election
            ↓ (refueling machine) Screening
          ↓ (original fans) ship raw materials
Cold ditch screen with holes
Small material ship
Raw material ship
(Original fans)
Small material ship
Extraction and drying
Instant coffee beans
Hydronium hydride → heat exchanger → piston pump → pot extract → discharge of waste
Double line filter
Cool → cool water, hot water → cool
Storage tank for liquid extraction
Dual-layer film processor
Centrifugal liquid storage tank
Change the pot
Match the material pot
Piston pumps
Spray drying
Cool → cool water → cool air and ice → ↓
                                       Autumn dry powder → add sugar and milk
↓ ↓
Exterior packaging
↓ ↓
Packaging and Exterior Packaging and
Put them in a warehouse and put them in a warehouse

Friendly reminder
1. This type of factory is based on custom design. Not all features are offered with all designs. Actual configurations should be made in accordance with the signed contract or agreement.
2. Materials for machine production can be AISI304, 316L and so on. It depends on the requirements of the customer.
3.For heating methods, it can be steam, electricity, gas furnace and so on.
4. For control system, we can design simple button, and PLC + HMI is also available for customer, we can design control system as required.



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