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Nothing succeeds as the success with ARCCESS ® technology from the electric furnace technology from the SMS group. All components are dedicated to cutting down the cost of electric steel production. This makes your investment pay off even faster.

ARCCESS ® EAF Technology
Nothing succeeds as the success with ARCCESS ® technology from the electric furnace technology from the SMS group. All components are dedicated to cutting down the cost of electric steel production. This makes your investment pay off even faster. We build on decades of experience in electric furnaces, metallurgy, and processes that are optimized to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions. ARCCESS® is a high performance powerhouse. That's because they come with future-oriented oxygen injection technology and oxygen injection technology. That gives you high productivity with low production costs.

Modern steel plant with flexible material input
A solution for all the materials used in the production of electrical steel
The leading factory logistics
Modular furnace design
Furnace shell
Design the best control panel
Highest efficiency with efficient spraying, burning and oxygen technology
Energy efficiency
Electrode control system
Slag method

Arccess ® EAF - furnace
Success based on experience
We have built a valuable experience from more than 100 years of development, construction and operation of electric furnaces.
That's why, with nearly 1,400 electric furnaces in both new construction and renovation projects, the SMS group is among the world's leading suppliers.
Modular design
Grouped components are standardized
Low maintenance level

Low production cost
Higher productivity
Better steel quality
Sloping curves run up
Longer running time and less maintenance

Want to increase EAF productivity and reduce power consumption? Ideal for this is our SIS Oxygen Spray System.
Why? Because it dissolves the scrap and superheats the liquid metal.
The SMS group system is patented
Combination nozzle / burner
Available for new and improved works
Developed to be available and most effective

  ARCCESS ® SIS spray technology
Very large natural gas savings (30-80%)
High efficiency oxygen pump due to
Longer jet
Single port design
Light weight: only 18 kg
Better panel design: near the bath surface
There is no excessive wear of the refractory lining under the SIS panel
Low maintenance costs

Arccess ® Family - SIS
SIS burners for lower power input
To ensure high quality of steel, it is important that all processes in the EAF - from melted scrap to thaw melt through to exploitable - mesh perfectly. This is supported by an oxygen injection device. What is unique about the SMS Brush System (SIS) is the combination of nozzle and spray technology. This not only increases the melting of the scrap and reduces the permeability of the steel tub, but also reduces the consumption of expensive resources such as oxygen. Flexible and efficient, SIS is perfect for integration into new EAFs or for additional equipment. As a result, you save on every ton of steel you produce. That ensures you recover your investment very quickly.
Measuring the cooling water temperature using a wiring system is a constant challenge. That's because steel and slag steel often damage the cable and the sensor. Now our wireless solution - X-tan® Wireless Temp - reduces time consuming, costly repairs. It is based on a simple principle: a protected transmitter transmits measured data to a receiver outside a hazardous area. This ensures reliable operation of the system.
Factory availability is high through downtime and minimized maintenance. You will benefit greatly when you no longer need a wired connection. Equally important is the operator safety because your employees will not have to perform cable repairs at high risk.

Conarc® (arcing conversion) - two in one
You get twice the performance with CONARC®. This is because these units combine the technological advantages of an electric furnace with the power of a conventional conversion process. They include a single production unit with two identical hulls. Depending on the type of steel as well as the availability and price of the charge material, you can vary the percentage of scrap, hot metal, and spongy iron. Flexibility with CONARC ® is also your choice of energy sources. CONARC ® comes with optional one-turn or fixed top lance for blowing oxygen. In addition, there are the bottom stirrers that we integrate in the crust. This process consists of two phases. First, the transition phase involves blowing oxygen onto the surface through the head lance to deaerate the gas. Second: electric arc furnace stage uses electricity to heat solid materials and overheat the bathtub to raise the temperature.

SHARC - arc rotary
Melting Machine is efficient
Here, we have partnered with Greek Hellenic Halyvourgia SA (Greece) to develop a unique, first-of-its-kind method of shear processing: the SHARC furnace process. That reduces energy consumption and at the same time increases economic efficiency. There is also a state-of-the-art automation system and green technology that meets strict occupational health and safety requirements as well as environmental requirements. Meanwhile, the first SHARC (rotary kiln) has been successfully operating in Greece for 14 years. The cooperation between the coach and the SMS is a further technical improvement of the furnace as well as training and instruction, as well as support for the operation of the new furnace.

Arccess ® - primary energy heater
Primary energy is directly converted to heat
Our innovative PEM is designed to work with natural gas / oxygen burners. As part of a joint project with ArcelorMittal, we have built an industrial PEM factory at our company's manufacturing facility in Ghent, Belgium.
S / EAF electric arc stabilizer
Temperature ready, stable - low cost
Using the stable EFA ARCESS ® (S / EAF ®), you achieve continuous operation throughout the week. It's a new type of furnace that combines innovation with proven technology. What makes this possible is our longstanding experience with arc furnace, arc furnace, and CONARC® technology. Result? A completely new electric arc furnace. This ensures that you will benefit from 30% higher productivity as well as reduce energy consumption due to reliable continuous process.


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