Equipment and technology for paint factory - Sweden

Thiết bị và công nghệ cho nhà máy sản xuất sơn – Sweden
Equipment and technology for paint factory - Sweden

Paints, coatings and plastics solutions
Design, install and operate complete automation units for the construction and manufacture of paints, paints, varnishes and plastics. ABB designs and manufactures turnkey production units for the following coatings and applications:
Architectural paint (construction) and decorative paint (water and solvent)
Industrial paint
Automotive paint, OEMs and recycling
Varnishes and wood coatings
Son heavy duty
Coil coating

ABB designs and supplies high performance plastics for the production of a wide range of emulsions or water solvents or resins used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes.
In terms of scope and scope of technology, its systems and services, ABB will bring you customized solutions for investment success.
Quantification, treatment and transfer of air by compressed air:
titanium dioxide
Calcium carbonate
silica, aerosil,
barium sulphate, etc.

ABB provides a full range of dispersing and blending units (Dispercel, Delicel) for continuous or batch processes incorporating CIP technology and a new blending tool designed and optimized with flow simulations. . They are specially designed to meet the requirements of paint and coating production: a wide range of products (high solids, viscosity), high abrasion, high pumping speed of viscous products.
batch flexibility, integrated cleaning equipment

Fineness of milling: 20 μm for 15 minutes
High speed processing through the turbojet up to 100,000 cps
Improve energy efficiency and increase productivity
Cone for changeable batch size
Accuracy of dosage
Up to 50% cleaning cycle time
Up to 90% of water and solvent used

As part of the optimized factory design, ABB has developed an advanced cleaning system for the coating and coating industries.
In-line filter with integrated cleaning system:
Filter efficiency with reduced pressure reduction
automatic self-healing and self-cleaning
optimal cleaning time
Product losses are low
High efficiency cleaning system for distribution:
High and medium pressure systems
Automatic and repeat cleaning
Use controlled and recycled cleaners


Thanks to the development of components (multi-way valves, manifolds, etc.), tubing technology has become a real process tool making the whole unit more flexible:

No cross product pollution
minimum waste discharge
Strong design and low maintenance
attractive return of capital
easy layout and modularity

ABB Paint Experts and Automation Engineers have developed PaintCle, a powerful control system for mass production monitoring and management, fully compliant with the requirements of manufacturers. paint.
Paintcel ensures the full management of materials, product formulas, recipes and recipes, inventory, production and cleaning. Setting parameters allows Paintcel to optimize production.

Paintcel is a factory-wide control system that integrates subsystems such as PLCs, controllers, and MMI. It has no limitation in interfacing with other systems such as laboratories or business systems (ERP).
The planning module of Paintcel allows management of individual unit operations. It integrates the reduction of wastewater, resource management, equipment occupancy and packaging units.

ABB provides a full range of dedicated services to achieve an optimized paint plant operation.
Design and validation, basic techniques, test solutions, process improvement
factory simulation,
Project implementation, detailed research, procurement and construction, site operation, operation and startup

Complete and evolve, train, maintain, evolve and improve the plant
Our engineers will study how to optimize and improve your production performance:, quality at the right price, only in the production of time distribution, direct savings for the production Your paint, count the reaction of your production

Our interest in health and environmental protection has led us to develop initial solutions to: reduce wastewater, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC), optimize cleaning and Recycle, implement safety procedures and working conditions, work in closed systems

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