Dioxide Titanium production line - China

Dioxide Titanium production line - China
Equipment supply and technology transfer

Production methods
There are two types of methods to produce titanium dioxide production: the chlorine method and the sulfuric acid method. Two methods, each one has its advantages.parpared with the chlorine method, the sulfuric acid process is more mature, and technical difficulty is relatively small, for raw materials, it is easy to get It can process a wide range of products. Processes are long and large emission processes because the chlorine method, short process, low waste discharge, but technically difficult, nowadays it can only produce rutile products.


The world's natural rutile ore reserves are limited, if it makes it from raw materials, the pollution will be generated upstream. So, from the world development trend of titanium dioxide, chlorine can not replace the sulfuric acid method, two types of production methods will coexist for a long time.Therefore, in the choice of method of production It is defined as the sulfuric acid method.

Choice for materials
There are two types of materials for the production of titanium dioxide sulphate: one is titanium rich material (such as titanium dioxide slag dissolved), the other is titanium inexpensive concentrated, two types of materials can meet The demand for the production of titanium dioxide products. TiO2 for foreign manufacturers will take the dissolved titanium ash slurry as raw material, while domestic producers are still with titanium concentrates as raw material due to the sulfate-titanium dioxide-soluble titanium dioxide process. Slag prices are relatively higher.

Flow process
Water treatment - Water treatment - Water treatment - Water treatment - Water filtration - Water treatment - Water treatment - Water treatment - - Disinfection and crystal processing - Compression before going to the kolin dryer - Trial front and rear winding - intermediate grinding and wet grinding --- chemical composition - surface treatment --- third water treatment --- rotary milling and dry air wrapping

Friendly reminder
1. This type of factory is based on custom design. Not all features are offered with all designs. Actual configurations should be made in accordance with the signed contract or agreement.
2. Materials for machine production can be AISI304, 316L and so on. It depends on the requirements of the customer.
3.For heating methods, it can be steam, electricity, gas furnace and so on.
4. For control system, we can design simple button, and PLC + HMI is also available for customer, we can design control system as required.


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