Copper Wire Factory - Equipment & Technology Germany

Copper Wire Factory - Equipment & Technology Germany
Copper Wire Factory - Equipment & Technology Germany
Whether you want to manufacture anode, wire rod, pipe, or semi-finished product - we provide all equipment
you need for copper mills. That includes integrated processing technology. Working with us means you
Enjoy professional collaboration and ensure that all your components mesh perfectly.
Castings and coils for round bars
More than half of the demand in the copper market is for steel wire casting and rolling rolls. That is because this material is very important
for the electrical and electronics industries. We have decades of experience and get references
all around the world. All of this has made us a global leader with a factory
CONTIROD® * has our great capacity.
The key to your success in this area is our continuous improvement in technology and design
as well as the secret of our process. So you can rely on top quality products with read
Low production costs.
CONTIROD® * offers you the option of producing round or flat products. That's a plus
You can make copper-silver alloys, such as overhead wire. That allows
CONTIROD® owners access the innovative sales market. These factories come with a
High degree of automation ensures consistent production conditions. Moreover, modular design and level of normalization
High means you need less parts and wear.
* CONTIROD ® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium

CONTIROD ® là nhãn hiệu đã đăng ký của Aurubis Belgium
Sản phẩm Dây đồng  
Đường kính 8 - 23 mm  
Đồng loại ETP / FRHC Cu  
Sản lượng lên tới  400.000 tấn  


Less downtime and less production disruption
High availability of plant with corrective measures
Higher energy efficiency due to lower fuel and power consumption
Larger product ranges such as round and flat sections
Cheap. Safe operation and less maintenance

Rolling machine
Optimal production results in the center of the plant
The focus of the CONTIROD ® factory is the rolling mill. These are the benefits of technology
CONTIROD® * really stands out. Particularly important is our personal driver technology.
Here's why:
Better rolling quality due to individual drive systems for each shaft
Smooth, homogeneous structure
Reduce process costs for loops due to less wear
High flexibility for both circular and flat surfaces
Less maintenance and reduced power consumption due to the powerful AC motor drive frequency control
* CONTIROD ® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium

PLC system
Smart technology package
Easy for plant operators to control the whole factory. * Use CONTIROD system
Our PLC. Included here is visualization with signaling software and diagnostic tracking. That
It eliminates any potential problems and disruptions before they even begin. You benefit
significant because the electrical control system ensures:

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