Selling 50% shares of aluminum granule factory

Selling 50% shares of aluminum granule factory.
(Additives for the steel industry).

Currently, our company is building a factory to produce aluminum particles (the most important additive for the steel industry).
Capacity: 1000 tons of aluminum granules/month
Location: No. 02 Nam Song Cam Street - Hong Bang District - Hai Phong (On an area of ​​2000 m2).
Total investment includes: Land + Factory + Production line of 1000 tons of aluminum granules/month + Office & other infrastructure items.
The total value of the factory is 24 billion VND
Now our company needs to sell 50% of the factory shares, each 1% share is 240 million VND.
Dear investors, please cooperate with us. Please come to our company office at: No. 02 South Song Cam Street - Hong Bang District - Hai Phong, to view the property and discuss cooperation issues. Or contact Mr Son: 0903446210
Note: Profit of 01 ton of aluminum granules when ex-factory is about 5 million VND/ton.
FORMOSA steel every month they have to buy 5000 tons of aluminum granules

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Equipment list for aluminum granule production line 2 tons/hour:
1 – furnace electromagnetic induction aluminum melting TQ-600 Kw–02 Furnace.
2 – American aluminum wire extrusion machine 137 Kw – 02 Machines.
3 – Japanese AMADA wire cutting machine 110 tons – 02 machines.
4 – Power transformer station 560 KVA – 01 station
5 – Power transformer station 1000 KVA – 01 station

6 - Sản xuất 01 tấn nhôm hạt - Cần 750 Kw/giờ
Standard metal composition in alloys:
Al  ≥ 96%
Si  ≤ 0,50%
Cu  ≤ 0,25%
Zn  ≤ 0,10%
Aluminum grain size (Ø, 13 mm - long, 15mm)

 Selling price of aluminum granules on the international market.
Aluminum Alloy Ingot (LME) Price + Grain Processing Cost = Aluminum Grain Price
For example, the price of aluminum granules in October 2021
(LME Alloy Aluminum) $2,634 + (Machining) $500 = $3,134 U SD

Plant for the production of vegetable oils
Preparation is the first step in the oilseed removal process. The best method of preparation will depend on the type of oilseed and the expected market for the products created after removal. oil.




Specially designed for : Continuous casting machines in steel mills. It is used for hot workpiece cutting.
Horizontal during construction and moves with hot workpiece at wheel speed for precise cutting.
It helps to reduce overall operating costs such as Oxygen Gas, LPG Gas,
Reduce loss of materials & Labor. This machine is suitable for 3/6, 4/7 & 6/11 Radius Continuous Casting Machine, to cut workpiece sizes from 100 x 100 mm to 160 x 160 mm at 900°C. Our machine will work. smooth motion and widely demanded for optimum performance, durable support and high dimensional accuracy.
Will never compromise on quality and is capable of manufacturing world class quality and delivering state of the art products. Our vision is geared towards the needs of our customers' satisfaction.
Higher productivity.
Reduce production costs at every process stage.
Optimizing production facilities and resources
Apply environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies.
Produce items and provide services of outstanding quality and/or unique characteristics.


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