As a company, professional, transfer, synchronous equipment, production lines, advanced technology, from countries, Europe, America, Japan, to bring to Vietnam. We want to affirm with Vietnamese investors, some issues are as follows:
This is a product (Material) that many industries, many countries of the world need it. It has a stable regular price on the world commodity floor of 2000 USD / ton.
In particular, there are no factories in Vietnam and titanium ore in Vietnam is very available and cheap. Titanium ore 53% it has the price: 3 million VND / ton, in Vietnam.
If you are an investor, you have decided to invest in a factory, producing Titanium Oxide Powder in Vietnam, we will help you, all the following issues:
You just need to give us a space of about 5 hectares, at any location in Vietnam territory. We will be appointed as the General Contractor of EPC (key hand). We will return it to you, a factory, with all equipment and technology of Germany, along with the output of the factory: TiO2 (Pure Powder) 60,000 tons / year. German experts and engineers will be responsible, instructing your workers, when entering the plant, until the operation of the plant is smooth.
The price for the complete factory, (excluding land) is: 65 million USD.

The last thing we want to confirm to investors is:
1-The revenue of the whole factory is stable: USD 120 million / year.
2-If produced in Vietnam, the after-tax profit is stable:
20% = 24 Million USD / year.
3-Quality of your goods, up to European standards, enough to export to other advanced countries.
Finally, I want to thank you for reading the news!



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