Project:Factory:Nam Dinh Animal Feed - Call for capital, investment cooperation.

(Dai Son Nam Joint Stock Company) We are currently developing a project:
Establishment of a factory:
Feed (Livestock - Cattle) - 120,000 tons/year.
- Located at: Nam Dinh
1-Total project and charter capital: 160 billion VND
2- Calling for, outside investors to contribute: VND 80 billion, holding 50% of the shares. Used for: 30 Billion to build the plant's infrastructure + 50 Billion VND is working capital for the factory.
3-Our side contributes: VND 80 billion, holding 50% of the shares, with assets including:
- a, Entire system of equipment - Feed production line of (China) Full automation: Worth 62 billion VND.(This price includes complete installation at the factory).
- b, Land for factory construction at: (Nam Dinh) 20,000 m2. Value: 18 billion VND
(Land for 50 years, paid annually. 157 m river is available to build a wharf
4-The entire value of the factory, intended to be amortized in 02 years
- Introduction to economic efficiency:
Animal feed production line 120,000 Tons/year
Finishing System (Handwheel) - 10,000 tons/month cattle feed production line.
Full automation technology (China).
At the present time: Production cost, the best quality feed, is only : 7,000,000 VND/ton (This is the factory price without profit).
Currently: Price offered to agents: 9,000,000 VND/ton – Retail price in Vietnam market is 11,000,000 VND/ton.
You can rest assured to invest: After 12 months, you will fully depreciate the entire system and production line.
Price : complete installation (handshake key) is : 62.5 Billion VND (VAT not included).
If investors, find the above project to be feasible and profitable, please contact us immediately to register the amount of shares you contribute. Please note that we also mobilize within 58% of the shares. .
Director of Dai Son Nam Joint Stock Company
Dư Kim Sơn
ĐT : 0903446210

Feed (Livestock - Cattle)
(output: 120,000 tons/year-In Nam Dinh)
Investor: Dai Son Nam Joint Stock Company
I-Introduction of the project:
1-Project name: Food Factory (Livestock - Cattle) .
2-Location of factory: (Nam Dinh). (20,000m2)
3-Total investment capital: 160 billion VND
II-Details of capital use:
a-Cost (Land) to build the factory: 18,000,000,000 VND
b-Cost, equipment, production line: 62,000,000,000 VND
c- Factory infrastructure construction cost: 30,000,000,000 VND
d-Operating capital when the factory goes into production: VND 50,000,000,000
                   Plus: 160,000,000,000 VND
III-Financial arrangement plan
1-Dai Son Nam Company has its own capital in items a and b: 80 billion VND
2- Borrowing from financial institutions, (Mid-term), at the items: c + d is: 80 billion VND.
IV-Detailed explanation of main equipment and ground.
- 01. Entire equipment system - Feed production line of (China) Full automation: Worth 62 billion VND.(This price includes complete installation at the factory).
-02. Land for factory construction at: (Nam Dinh) 20,000 m2. Value: 18 billion VND
IV- Equipment system, the whole factory.
 1- 5 ton crane : 01
2-Dump truck 1.25 tons : 01
3- Forklift 2 tons : 01
Equipment imported from China
20 ton hour pig feed production line
No Name of system Kw power
1 System for receiving and pre-cleaning materials 30
2 Crushing system 272
3 90 . Mixing & Mixing System
4 Pelletizing & cooling & 310 . screening system
5 Packing & dust collection system 18
6 Auxiliary system 37
7 MCC Control Center; Imitation panel 6
8 Computer System CPP 763 Kw
9 Mixing System (Computer Control)
10 Cables & Cable BridgesStandard components, sealing elements, materials
welding rod accessories (Non-standard parts)Pneumatic pipe, solenoid valve. Cooling air hose, dust collector, frame, hose, platform
11 Air compressors and sewage tanks, Dryers
12 Boiler system
13 Electric lifting system
14 6-storey steel structure system, stairs + and attached parts
15 Complete : Insulation panels for 06 floors factory.
*Total value for all the above equipment is: 62 billion VND

V-Details of the construction design of the factory
1-Executive office building (10mx20m)x02 floors = 400 m2 : 3 billion VND
2-Transformer house: 1000 KVA - 100 m2. 2 billion VND
3-Factory I : 6,000 m2 (200 m x 30 m) : 9 billion VND
4-Factory II : 1000 m2 (25mx 40 m) : 2 billion VND
6-Wall system of 500 m: 2 billion VND
7-Pour the entire concrete yard: ,20 cm thick – 10,000 m2 4 billion VND
8-wharf crane : 20 tons - 20 m : 4 billion VND
9-Building 104 m wharf 4 billion VND
         Plus: 30 billion VND
Manpower to operate the factory:
- Total staff: 48 people
- Manager: 12 people
- Direct workers: 36 people, divided into 03 shifts, each shift is 12 people.
- Average salary: 15 million VND/person/month
-Total salary fund/month: 720 million VND/month (Min-revenue: 90 billion VND)
1 Ngô+Đậu, bột cá.vv 1 tấn     
2 Điện 1 tấn         100.000       
3 Nhân công 1 tấn         100.000    
4 Dự phòng chi 1 tấn          100.000      
    Cộng :        7.300.000 VND   
Analysis : (Operation + Revenue + Profit)/01 month
The output will be: 10,000 tons/month.
3-The revenue per month is:
10,000 tons x 9,000,000 VND/ton = 90,000,000,000 VND/month
4- Profit before tax / 1 month: 10,000 tons x 1,700,000 VND = 17,000,000,000 VND
*Conclusion: The problem of profit of the factory for the investor is extremely potential. The distance and production capacity of the factory is very large. It completely depends on: The amount of input materials that can be purchased and the volume of products that the market can adapt and consume.
So Nam Dinh Animal Feed Factory, its product is, completely depends on the livestock market.
V-Analysis: Economy - Market - Debt repayment ability
Currently in the world: Animal feed factories were born, which is a life-changing revolution for the livestock industry. It saves up to 50% of the costs, if the farmer, still raises the old traditional way.
Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there have appeared a lot of Chinese and Thai people, they come to Vietnam: Build a cattle feed factory. Then they went down to the remote areas. They hire local people to organize Pig raising. For example: My house is large, I host for them 100 Pigs, in 6 months, they will bring to my house 100 breeding pigs, monthly they return food from the factory to give me enough to feed 100 pigs. Pig, after 06 months they come to catch Pig and pay him 500,000 VND/head, which means his family has 50 million VND after 06 months. I think this model is good too. There are families with only two old grandparents, they can still do it. I also carefully researched this model for owners: If they go to buy food from outside, they will have a profit of 1 million VND/head. If they have a feed factory, they will earn 2 million VND/head.
Profit after tax of Cattle Feed Processing Factory usually reaches:
1.7 million VND/ton
The problem according to our calculations: When the factory comes into operation, the ability to bring profit to the investor: From 10 to 20 billion VND/month is completely feasible.
If you, investors, find the above project to be feasible, profitable, and can be financed for us, please contact us immediately to discuss the issue of signing a credit contract.
Director of Dai Son Nam Joint Stock Company
Dư Kim Sơn
ĐT : 0903446210

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