Machinery and equipment for glass industry - Italy

Máy móc và thiết bị cho ngành công nghiệp thủy tinh – Italy
Machinery and equipment for glass industry – Italy


Courage gives people the ability to create great, even extraordinary things, making the skeptic and suspicious people unable to breathe.
It is a force that we often ignore but we need to achieve the goals that we have set. Most, the courage gives people a lot of happiness and peace in their heads. When people scream "Be careful!" For us when we act courageously, it happens because they fear our actions can be dangerous. But there is a thin line between courage and recklessness, and is called: experience. Thanks to our experience, along with our inner development along with time, and thanks to our courage we can face any challenge along our way. .

Nancy Mammaro, CEO and Founder of Mappi International, is aware of that; She had the courage of each experience, never missed an opportunity to increase her expertise. Without these values, the company that she is running will not succeed and she will not tell us about her great history.
A history that includes research, quality, ability and other values has helped the company exceed its goals. All major companies have a business culture that combines transparent values; Mappi International has been trusting in such core values since 1993 and has never stopped honoring the concept of Made in Italy, as well as promoting it around the world.


Thanks to the excellence of an extraordinary team of experts, Nancy Mammaro and Mappi International have easily found
courage and continued to invest in research and development, despite the global scale of the current crisis. now on. Each Mappi International product is unique and that's why more than three hundred customers around the world have decided to trust our brand. Mappi International is ready to meet tomorrow's challenges and capture any opportunity.


Installing more than 300 furnaces around the world is not a goal that anyone can achieve, and believe that we are not the result. Being able to transport, test and install our machines anywhere is a big challenge, we are proud to meet each other from time to time.
All this was possible thanks to the support of the great team of experts who are always ready to pack, leave and go to the farthest corners of the earth just to see the smile on our customers face. . We want to devote our efforts and efforts to all our clients, past and future, who have helped Mappi International grow and flourish since 1993.
Our work is the perfect combination of action and teamwork starting from consulting and consulting to the most appropriate machine. Our service also includes staff training and full support during machine startup (until completion level).

We take care of every detail and we do not leave any of our customers after one of our machines needs to be tested out until the maximum performance is achieved. We are ready to pack and leave every time our customers need our support. Our professional technicians can reach any destination and fix any technical problems in less than 24 hours.

Our remote support ensures an almost immediate response to any problems that may occur; We want our customers to believe in us, and in case you ask yourself are really passionate about our work, the answer is: Yes, we!
Consulting, installation, training, implementation, after sales support are some of the concepts that we rely on to focus on our customers to provide first class customer service and best experience. may.
Try us and the jet's resistance, as well as our ability to solve any problems you may have. Our technicians will always be at your disposal!

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