European-Made Sofa in Vietnam

1-All models of Sa Long (Super-Sofa) are selected from the most beautiful models in Europe and are deployed and manufactured in Vietnam.
2-The entire wooden frame inside is special industrial wood, water-proof and resistant to all weather conditions, termites.
3- All our model models are manufactured, (in different colors) wrapped in genuine leather in the backrest and seat cushions.
4-Our Products, detachable in parts, shipped to tight places and re-assembled.
5-If you use our product after many years, for some reason you do not like the outer cover anymore, through the dealers, please transfer it to our factory to cover it, just for a 30% fee, you get a new set of chairs the first day, with a different color.
6-Our products are warranted for a period of 03 years.

CP Dai Son Nam Company

Dear Stores (Showroom) Furniture. You need to buy SOFA (Genuine Leather)
Dai Son Nam Joint Stock Company, from February 2020.
We open a factory to produce a series of Sofa sets, according to the Model, selected from the most beautiful models in European countries. (Product quality details) please ladies and gentlemen See the attached product introduction.
1-All models we produce, (Different colors) are wrapped in genuine leather in the backrest and seat cushion
2-Methods of selling our products are as follows:
* For customers, retail customers - Price: 27,000,000 VND / Set (Excluding table cash and VAT).
 * For wholesale customers with a quantity of 03 sets or more - Price: VND 22,000,000 / Set (Excluding tables and VAT)
4-Conditions for units to join sales agents for us:
Individuals who sign the Agency Agreement must prove that they are owning a Furniture store in: Town. Town or city.
Shop commitment, the lowest possible, must show our 05 sets of SP. (Each set includes the storage area does not occupy about 10 m2).
Our plan for the first 6 months of 2020 will launch 20 different models of SP products and each model has 03 different models. We strongly encourage agents to show more products.
In the process of cooperation if there is a Model SP that you like, our side does not have, please send photos to us. After 15 days we will send you the SP Y page without you having to deposit money in advance and the price of each type will not exceed our specified price bracket.
The last thing: individuals who want to open a sofa shop, please contact us immediately to sign a dealer contract for us.
Please contact me: Du Kim Son. Phone 0903.446.210.
I sincerely thank you for reading this letter
January 19, 2020


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